The Witcher 2 Console Version Under Question

In an interview with Eurogamer, CD Projekt has cast doubts on the future of the console versions for its much anticipated RPG. According to senior producer Tomasz Gop, a same-date multi-platform release seems unlikely:

“All I can say for now is that it’s not likely for any POTENTIAL [sic] console release to be simultaneous [with the PC game],”

The game itself was then downgraded to only a potential release for consoles, putting doubts on whether or not the game will be released on consoles at all.

CD Projekt refused to talk any further on the console version’s development. However, they did confirm that the March 2011 release date remains in place. It should be noted however, that the first game was also planned for consoles but was canned due to financial problems.

Perhaps if the PC version sells well, then we’ll finally be able to let our console brethren get a chance at the game.