Microsoft Forms a Pact with Adobe

Apple’s small devices make a big dent in another software giant’s head. Microsoft is definitely noticing how well Apple is managing in the mobile market. Currently, MS does not offer any viable solutions that have been as successful in the mobile market as the ipod or iphone.

What does MS have in mind? Well, it’s pretty simple. Microsoft may want to hit Apple where it hurts. Microsoft could release various devices that support flash. However, that may not be the only thing on the table. Micrsoft’s Steve Ballmer has been actively discussing various topics with Adobe. Isn’t that right Holly Campbell, senior director of corporate communications for Adobe?

Adobe and Microsoft share millions of customers around the world and the C.E.O.’s of the two companies do meet from time to time. However, we do not publicly comment on the timing or topics of their private meetings.

However, Unversity of Chicago law professor Randal Picker takes it one step further. Picker suggests that MS could possibly purchase Adobe.

I think you could imagine Microsoft being a more aggressive purchaser in a world where they are no longer an 800-pound gorilla

Picker’s claims don’t sound too far fetched considering that MS may also be looking to buy Symantec