Kevin Levine Says Industry Treats Games as Junior Varsity

Bioshock’s lead designer thinks many developers are too “star-struck” with Hollywood. In an interview with Develop, 2K’s Kevin Levine was questioned on his decision to turn down working with an experienced Hollywood film director. His response was none too flattering on the gaming industry’s starry-eyed view of films:

“My feeling is, why? Why would any game designer want to do that? What’s the point of having two creative leads together, and why would I want a film director to help me make a game, any more than they would want me to help out with their films?”

A valid point considering the difference in demands of the two genres. A film director may be a genius when it comes to cinematography, but we can’t forget that the focus is still on gaming. Of course there’s no reason that synergy can’t exist, but it’d be preferable to set a realistic standard before hiring film directors and magically think they’ll make a great game.

He also goes on to state the issue with the gaming industry’s status among other entertainment mediums:

“I think there’ a sense in the entertainment fields that videogames are seen as the junior varsity…There’s this feeling of ‘oh one day you can come up to our league’.

This is something we have to bear with for now, but there is much more precedent this generation to showcase that the gaming industry is no longer a little boy to push around and toy with.

Now if only we’d stop licensing our game franchises to terrible directors bent on making absurdly stupid films that undermine our efforts.