Napoleon: Total War Demo on Steam

The Napoleon: Total War demo is out on steam. For those who are on edge about the latest title here is your chance to test it out.

The Napoleon: Total War demo will take you through the new and playable “War on Land” tutorial as well as the epic land Battle of Ligny, one of the many historical scenarios included in the full version of the game.

* War on Land tutorial – Set during the Siege of Toulon, you will be given command of the French artillery battery. Aided by Napoleon’s most trusted aide, you will learn the art of warfare in the defeat of the British army.
* Historical scenario – Battle of Ligny – The Battle of Ligny (16th June 1815) effectiveky determined the outcome of Napoleon’s 100 day return to power. Although victory was achieved here, the Prussian General Gebhard Von Blucher was allowed to escape, something which very soon proved to be a fatal mistake. Play as the French or the Prussian faction