Bungie Smashes 15,000 Reach Glitchers

Oh c’mon Blizzard, you’re not going to let those FPS noobs over at Bungie beat you at the ban game now are you? The guys over at Bungie have continued the chorus of banhammering with their own little version. The move was triggered when thousands of Reach players began using network manipulation to rack up an absurd amount of in-game credits following the discovery of an exploitable glitch. Cheaters will wake up to find a one day ban from receiving any credits while having their current savings drained down to zero.

Bungie was clear to point out that their system was designed to only target network manipulators:

a point of clarification. No bans were handed out tonight for

a) Playing too much Gruntpocalypse (no such thing!)
b) Using the target locator too much (no such thing!)

Specifically, we targeted an exploit that allowed players to complete a Challenge 20+ times via itentional network manipulation (i.e., disconnects.)

Spot checks have revealed the telltale signature of this behavior on every denier so far, so don’t be fooled by the protests of innocence. We aren’t.

Obviously Blizzard needs to step up their game as yesterday’s StarCraft II ban-a-thon didn’t even reach over 9000. Admittedly, Bungie’s ban consequences were far less harsh than Blizzard’s but that didn’t stop them from reaching three times Blizzard’s ban numbers.

Perhaps another banhammer week is in order?