ATI HD6 Series Delayed (Updated)

Just when are these highly anticipated GPUs going to be released? Well, originally the cards were set to be released on October 12th sporting a 28nm manufacturing process. However, things have changed. Now AMD’s 6 series will be released in November, with a 40nm manufacturing process instead.

Due to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) skipping its 32nm R&D for GPUs and advanced directly to 28nm R&D, AMD has adjusted its plans and decided to continue adopting a 40nm process for its new Radeon HD 6000 series. However, due to the series’ GPU structure and processes being similar to the existing 5000 series, some market watchers are taking a conservative attitude toward the new products.

In response, Nvidia plans to launch its new entry-level GeForce GT 430 in October, while reducing the price of its GeForce GT 220 and GTX 460 768MB graphics cards.

So, due to the similarity in architecture it is more cost effective and efficient for them to continue manufacturing their new GPUs at a 40nm process as opposed to a 28nm manufacturing process. With sudden naming scheme changes, and hardware tweaks, one can only imagine what else the red camp will alter.


ATi’s board partners are still set to unveil some of the 6 series products next week. The delay mentioned in the article can be considered false information.

[Thanks Derangel and PsiAmp]