New Antec Case is a Unique Beast

Antec isn’t holding anything back with their latest enthusiast enclosure designed to be one of the most modular cases ever built. From the outset, the case looks a bit like a funky, colorful skeleton made to hold all your favorite toys. Despite its intriguing looks, the case packs a feature set that is hard find from the competition; assuming there is an equivalent at all.

The case, dubbed the Lanboy Air, comes with most of the features that is expected for its price range with multiple fan placements, cable management holes, and lots of drive space. However, it also brings along many things that are usually reserved for one case at a time, not all at once. These include a full mesh covering, removable front side doors, a ceiling specifically designed for radiator compatibility, a removable motherboard tray, and one of the strangest hard drive mounting devices to date.

The going price is currently at $200 on Newegg for anyone willing to pioneer such a beast.

Just one problem: where are the dust filters?