Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun talks about how they messed up Fermi

The GTX 4 series aka Fermi has received harsh reception among enthusiasts. Now Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun, breaks it down for us in a video interview. Most enthusiasts currently associate Fermi GPUs with heat and power. The cards still performs pretty well, but it wasn’t enough to stand out beyond the competition. So, what happened Jen-Hsun?

He basically states that the communication link between the SMs or Shared Multiprocessors, which he compares to fabric, would have interference problems. They then had to re-engineer how the “fabric” works before the launch of the new GPU core. In addition, the different teams had trouble prioritizing certain aspects of the fabric in terms of handling physics, logic, and the architecture. Jen-Hsun, compares this lack of management to an airplane crew, “We all want the safety of the plane. We’re all part of the crew, but who is the pilot in charge?”

Source: golem.de