Activision Wants to Charge for CutScenes

Oh, you like watching in game cutscenes? Well, Mr. Kotick wants to have a word with you. In game cinematics add quite a bit of value to a game. However, everyone’s favorite gaming CEO, Bobby Kotick, wants to charge gamers to watch them. Yeah, you heard that correctly, he wants to charge you, the gamer, to watch those awesome cinematics that all of us are used to.

If we were to take that hour, or hour an a half, and take it out of the game and we were to go to our audiences, who we have their credit card information a direct relationship, and say to them ‘Would you like to have the StarCraft movie?

My guess is unlike film studios that are really stuck with a model that goes through theatrical distribution and takes a signification amount of the profit away, if we were to go to an audience and say ‘We have this great hour and a half of linear video that we’d like to make available to you at a $20 or $30 price point,’ you’d have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever.

Within the next five years, you are likely to see us do that. It might be in a partnership with somebody or alone, but there will be a time where we’ll capitalize on the relationship we have with our audience; deliver them something that is really extraordinary and let them consume it directly through us instead of theatrical distribution.

Gamers are usually complaining about console prices, game prices, online prices, DLC prices *cough* Modern Warfare 2 *cough* and of course the overall experience a game can deliver. So, I think it’s safe to say that some games don’t exactly live up to certain expectations and said gamers don’t want to be bother spending x amount for that game. With all of those legitimate complaints what does Mr. Kotick want to do again?

Perhaps this will develop into cutscenes outside of the scope of the actual game and it will extend the gaming experience with a movie, without gimping the game. However, can you imagine having to purchase the ending of a game via a $30 movie? At the moment most gamers can’t imagine it, but these comments certainly are starting to create some sparks.