Ears Rejoice: Halo Reach Has Mute-Voting

At long last, Bungie has introduced the one feature our ears have been hoping for. Tired of hearing insults while playing Halo? Angered by the extreme amount of racial comments being shouted in-game? Getting your ears checked after the high-pitched scream of a prepubescent 11-year-old broke your eardrum?

For a while now, many Xbox Live players have resorted to restricting sound output solely to party chat in order to avoid hearing the foul language that permeates throughout Xbox Live. The alternative was to tediously spam the mute option.

Bungie however, has decided to take it a step further and introduced an auto-mute feature in Halo Reach:

As for the general woes of voice on XBL, we (Bungie) have added an “Auto Mute” mechanism that notices, warns, and eventually defaults players to being Muted when they enter games if they are muted by enough people over a period of time. There’s some other stuff in there to prevent cabals of players from maliciously muting, but you get the basic idea. It’s better than a straight up voice ban as you can always un-mute a punished teammate if you don’t mind opening Pandora’s box.

While it isn’t a perfect implementation, it is an important step to stopping the horde of angry children that infest the service. Or maybe we can just get the government to do the jobs of the 72% of parents in California that do not.