A Couple AMD Radeon 6xxx rumors

The successor to ATI’s popular HD5 series cards is launching soon with two different cores Barts and Cayman.With that in mind I’ve run across a couple rumor about these two. We know Barts is the mainstream and Cayman is the performance core. The first rumor comes to us from Chip Hell. They have a slide that details the Barts core. It shows two different cores. The Barts Pro and the Barts XT. It also has some specs. They are as follows:

    Barts Pro:

    SIMDs– 10

    Core Clock– 700-725Mhz

    Memory– 256 bit bus, 4GBps GDDR5, and 1GB of memory

    Texture units– 40

    Shaders– 800

    ROPs– 32

    TDP– <150w

    Competition– GTX 460 768MB

    Barts XT:

    SIMDs– 12

    Core Clock– 850Mhz

    Memory– 256 bit bus, 4.2Gbps GDDR5, 1GB

    Texture Units– 40

    Shaders– 960

    ROPs– 32

    TDP– >150w

    Competition– GTX 460 1GB

Now lets keep all of that in mind while we jump to the next rumor, provided by Nordic Hardware.

Nordic is saying that AMD is launching the Barts core in October starting with the Radeon HD 6870. So that means AMD is placing the 6800 series as the midrange. Where does that leave Cayman? Labeled as 6900 series. Nordic is also claiming that the 6870’s performance will be similar to the 5850. Which is pretty good for a mainstream card, assuming its priced correctly.

Still if this is call true AMD is changing up the status quo with card names. It can easily confuse customers that aren’t paying careful attention.

Source: ChipHell, Nordic Hardware