Halo: Reach Co-op Constraints

Want to play with your friend? Sorry mate, but you’ll need a hard drive. Recent tests conducted by Nukezilla has confirmed that Bungie’s latest game requires the use of a standard Xbox-supported hard disk drive for full functionality. A co-op game over Xbox Live requires all players to have the overpriced exclusive storage device in order to start. Memory cards and USB sticks do not work.

Now this isn’t a problem for most Xbox 360 owners, but for those that bought the 4GB Slim version the message is this: You’ve got the short end of the stick. The co-op feature won’t work on that particular SKU due to cache restraints (the co-op in ODST is also disabled).

4GB Slim owners living in the UK are even less fortunate as a hard drive solution doesn’t come out until the end of September.

Blimey eh?

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