Aliens Colonial Marines is Still in the Works

Gearbox is getting quite a bit of hype. What better way to continue that hype than to talk about another aliens game? Fans are still waiting for an excellent Aliens game after the release of AVP. Will Gearbox do the series justice? Well considering they have Duke on their side, can we say “always bet on Gearbox?” Let’s have Randy Pitchford, the head of Gearbox, break it down for us.

Here’s the thing. This game is based on Aliens. It’s a 20th Century Fox property and Sega is the publisher. So there’s some fingers in this. We haven’t really been able to be super free to be talk about everything we’ve been doing.

Basically, they are keeping things under wraps while they are in touch with Sega and 20th Century Fox. However, Mr. Pitchford promises that the game will not take as long as Duke Nukem Forever to come out.

Earlier this week, I was down in San Francisco and I had lunch with the head of Sega of America and he is committed to this. And we’re going to make this awesome. I know it’s been awhile since the announcement first happened that we’re in for Aliens. I promise you it will not take as long as Duke Nukem Forever. We’re not going to let this dream die, it’s going to happen.

In addition, Pitchford mentions another secret project that they haven’t announced.

Look at our line up and imagine something even bigger. [Something] That is not about Duke. That is one of the unannounced Gearbox projects.