PNY Offers BFG Customers Some Help

With BFG no longer honoring their warranty and no longer accepting RMA’s due to being kinda dead, PNY has stepped up to the plate.PNY has announced that starting today BFG customers with a working or non-working BFG card can call in and RMA their card through PNY and receive up to 25% off any in-stock GPU from the company. This means you could get a GTX 480 for $375 or a GTX470 for $262. Those pricers are cheaper than you can find on major e-tailers like Newegg. PNY also appears to be offering a lifetime warranty on all of their GTX4 series cards so you’ll still get a good warranty with your new card. It looks like the promotion is only for a limited time (Oct. 31) so if you want to do this you should get on it.

I’ve got a fairly useless 8800GTS 320 sitting here so I think I’m going to take advantage of this. I’ll let ya’ll know how the call to PNY goes later today.

Source: PNY