Steam headed to the Mac OS?

It seems that Valve has been handing out teasers for Macs left and right. At this point it’s not just some code in the beta steam UI.

Is Valve finally ready to make the switch and support Mac OS X? A recent update to Steam hinted at it, now it’s time for the Half-Life, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress developer to be more blunt about it.

The developer has released a series of images “in anticipation of an upcoming announcement from Valve,” giving some of its most recognizable franchises the Apple treatment. That includes Gordon Freeman from Half-Life in an iMac colored HEV suit (complete with obscured Apple logo), Team Fortress 2’s Heavy—and Sandvich—in iPod ad form, a pair of turrets from TF2 and Portal doing the “I’m a PC” thing, and Left 4 Dead’s Francis expressing how much he hates “different.”