Update: Intel Gobbles Up Infineon

The mobile CPU maker’s wireless division that supplies the chips for the iPhone and Androids may soon be assimilated into the x86 behemoth. Earlier we reported on Intel’s intent to put some pressure on ARM in the low-powered mobile CPU market. Now, and if the reports are confirmed, the acquisition of Infineon would put it in direct engagement with ARM on the mobile CPU front.

Infineon, known for CPUs and a vast array of wireless communication chips is currently being marked at a supposed takeover price of $1.91 Billion (€1.5 Billion , £1.24 Billion) for its wireless division. Acquisition of the company could allow Intel to gain valuable information on implementation of their Atom processor line for small mobile devices.

We’ll keep you posted as the news develops.

Update: The deal has been finalized. Price: 1.4 billion
[Thanks Derangel!]