GTX 480 PCB pictured

We finally have some shots of the GTX 480 GPU. Read on for a closer look.

With 12 memory chips on board, the GPU connects to them over a 384-bit wide memory interface. The reference design board is expected to have 1536 MB (1.5 GB) of memory on it. There’s also an unusual amount of simplicity to the board design and choice of components. The GPU is powered by a 6-phase vGPU circuit using more standard DPAK MOSFETs. There is a 2-phase vMem circuit. With wide open spaces in the PCB, NVIDIA actually made two cutouts to help the blower’s air intake.

Power is drawn from an 8-pin and a 6-pin power connector. Fan connects over a standard 4-pin PWM controlled line, while the white 2-pin connector in the picture powers an illuminated GeForce logo on the top of the card (next to the power inputs). Connectivity includes two DVI-D, and a mini HDMI connector. The PCB itself seems to be about as long as reference GeForce GTX 280 boards. The cooling assembly doesn’t show off lavish use of copper, but looks equally complex as older cooling assemblies by the company for such GPUs.

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