Intel’s 2011 Roadmap Leaked

Lower power, higher clocks, solid state storage, and more. In case you missed it, nineteen new processors under the codenamed architecture “Sandy Bridge,” are going to hit the selfs in 2011. All newer models appear to have the number two in front of the original modelling scheme. Higher clocks, a die shrink, and lower TDP are some of the changes Intel is bringing in 2011.

Additionally, Intel has released their SSD plans as well.

As for SSD news, the roadmap simply confirms what Intel has already promised in the past. Mainly, that we’ll see Fall or later releases for budget X25-E drives (up to 400GB), and an increase to 600GB for the X25-M line. Other improvements include a 160GB boost to the X18-M and a PCI Express SS named “Soda Creek” launching at 80GB.