Microsoft is Serious about PC Gaming?

Hmm, how many times have we heard this one? Once again, Microsoft seems to claim that they need to get back into the PC space. Microsoft Games Studios GM, Dave Luehmann, basically stated that they need to support the platform in order to help obtain more third party support and they need to lead the way with an example.

I think we need to invest in this space. Windows is an important space for us so we need to invest our first-party IP in it as much as anybody else. We cant really ask other companies to step up if the first party isn’t stepping up.

Now before you start thinking to yourself “hey there, maybe we will see Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach on the PC,” MS specifically wants to start the ball game with Age of Empires Online, which was announced earlier today.

Let’s also see what Luehmann has to say about MS’s cold shoulder towards PC gamers.

I think it was a focus thing. We started to focus on one area and now we’re saying let’s start to spread that focus. I think the whole company has been focused on console work for a long time and it’s time for us to come back and bring one of our best IPs [Age of Empires] back and to a market that can really use it.