Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Metareview Roundup

It looks like the new reinvention of the game featuring our bosomy Lara Croft is shaping up quite nicely. Labeled by some as simply Diablo Raider, the first flurry of game reviews are quite positive with most warming up to the co-op experience:

Ars TechincaVerdict: Buy

This is a game that looked good when we first saw it at GDC, but the full version is much better than expected. Everything clicks, from the menus to the combat, and the size of the game and the quality of the graphics and environments makes it a must-buy at its price point. This is one of the best surprises of the year, and more than enough reason to invite a friend over on Wednesday.

Game Informer90/100

In taking a chance with Guardian of Light, Crystal Dynamics rediscovered Lara’s latent potential. For those of you concerned with the direction this ancillary title has taken, rest easy. We now know that Lara Croft is as versatile as she is flexible.


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a great adventure, especially if you’re playing co-op. Despite the silly story and dialogue, I had more fun with it than any Tomb Raider in recent memory. With a great new look, clever puzzles, and loads of fun stuff to collect, this is an extreme makeover for Lara of which you will surely approve.

1UPGrade: A-

Though the game would still be fantastic with its co-op dungeon puzzles alone, Guardian of Light contains a surprising amount of substance; each of its many levels offer a series of achievements that add interesting weapons and items to your inventory. There’s a definite focus on loot in Cradle of Light.”


In terms of level design, pacing and gorgeous visuals, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light topples last year’s XBLA king, Shadow Complex. But while a lot of this content is perfectly suitable for a six-hour single-player session, I’d urge you to discover the game for the first time with a co-op partner.

Game is available on Xbox Live Arcade August 18th, 2010, PC and PSN versions September 28th. It should be noted however, that online co-op is unavailable for the XBL version until September 28th due to a glitch in the system, all three versions will have online functionality on the 28th however.