Halo: Reach Listed Now for $1,250

Hey, if you have the dough and consumed enough alcohol, why not? Hold your horses fellow ‘smashers, unfortunately even if you are drunk enough and have the cash to burn, you still can’t actually download it. According to Microsoft’s help website the game is listed at the obscene price of 99,999 MS points for a specific reason:

“Some promotional or limited edition content is shown in the Marketplace with a price of 99,999 Microsoft Points and can only be accessed by using a direct link. The content is available only to users who have a special 25-character pre-paid token that enables them to download the item.”

So why not just list it as “game is unavailable for download”? We here at Pixel Smashers understand that it’s just one of those mysteries of life. That and the 86,000 people who’ve obviously played the game already.

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