Microsoft Hoping to Sell Xbox 360 in China

Masterchief would now like an order dumplings and Peking duck please. According to information broken by Shanghai Daily, Zhang Yaqin, a VP for the Chinese division of Microsoft stated that they are hoping to introduce the popular console in China:

“We hope to launch Xbox as soon as possible but it all depends on the government”

Considering the only official game console in the PC-dominated Chinese market right now is Nintendo’s iQue (modified versions of the N64 and DS respectively), achieving a foothold with the Xbox 360 would be a welcome addition to Microsoft’s global agenda. Assuming of course that they can find a way to deal with the enormous amount of piracy in the country.

Interestingly enough though, should they pass the bureaucratic hurdles, Microsoft won’t have too much trouble shipping the consoles; they’re all manufactured in a certain place we’ve been reporting about lately that has been notorious for a string of suicides.