DARPA Asks NVidia to Build Exascale Supercomputer

But it still won’t be able to run Crysis. In a recent press release, the US Department of Defense’s renowned research division has allocated a $25 million contract to NVidia to create a supercomputer using their much-touted GPU technology. The project is being dubbed as an attempt to overcome the barriers of computing that has resulted in the consistent passing of Moore’s Law.

Processing power of said project if completed would be astronomical:

“The DARPA UHPC program is attacking technical issues that are key to the future of high performance computing, from the embedded terascale to the exascale”

In otherwords, they’re aiming for exaflops.

So what’s next for DARPA? Perhaps a gigantic metal mech that launches nukes? A super suit that allows a soldier to go fight on a giant stolen satellite? Who knows, it could be anything ranging from railguns to planetary cannons. This is assuming that Skynet doesn’t appear and kill us all.