World of Warcraft Cracksdown On Adult Roleplay

There is a new sheriff in town, and he doesn’t like what he’s seeing. In addition to Blizzard’s recent filtering of inappropriate StarCraft II custom maps, it has also decided that certain WoW servers were getting a tad bit too racy. According to a post on the official forum, the most prolific uh… action has been going on in the Moon Guard server, specifically the Goldshire Inn which Blizzard has chosen to now monitor more closely:

Members of our CS team will ‘patrol’ Goldshire on Moon Guard on a regular basis, and take appropriate action for individuals violating the Harassment Policy. Note that this pertains primarily to public messages (/say, /yell, General) and unsolicited whispers. We won’t be showing up with that mythical crack of lightning– we’ll just be watching silently for any rule-breaking language and following up privately with the player in question.

Sorry folks, but it looks like you’ll have to take your fantasy role-playing of a Troll and a Tauren somewhere else. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a trash can.

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