Sony/TV3 Feud Ends Amicably

Kevin Butler saves the day again! Over the past few weeks, you might have heard of a bruhaha that stirred up when New Zealand’s TV3 network blatantly copied Sony’s Kevin Butler advertisements for their own television line-up.

However, instead of opting to sue the TV station into oblivion, Sony decided to send their trusty VP of International Diplomacy Kevin Butler to resolve the issue. Mr. Butler then proceeded to give a short list of criticism and demands:

It’s clear to me that TV3 appreciates great advertising and I’d like to thank them for their efforts. In fact we’d like to help them out and make our ENTIRE LIBRARY OF COMMERCIALS available for them to copy in order to promote their programming. I only ask that TV3 doesn’t use our actual footage, but all future homages of this sort are now Kevin Butler sanctioned.

You might be asking, “What’s in it for you, KB?” Well, I asked that too, and here’s what I’ve come up with: I’d like TV3’s support in making the PS3 the OFFICIAL GAME CONSOLE OF NEW ZEALAND. I see this as the only way to make it right with the world….That, and a box set of Flight of The Conchords sent to the fine creative team in our marketing organization.

Surprisingly enough, TV3 responded accordingly with a box full of goodies including:

1x DVDs of the first two seasons of Flight of the Concords
1x Plaque of win proclaiming the PS3 as the “Official Game Console of Aotearoa” (Aotearoa apparently means New Zealand in Maori)
1x Pascall pineapple lumps
1x Milo chocolate drink Mix
1x Toffee Pops bag
and 1x jar of…. Marmite… the heck is Marmite?

Anyways, as the fight draws to a close, one can only ponder if other companies could settle these things with as much humor and grace as Sony and TV3 have done.

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