Update: Crysis 2 Delayed to Q1 2011 Confirmed

The much anticipated shooter appears to have been delayed until next year. According to EA’s recent financial earnings report, the futuristic shooter set in New York was pushed back all the way to first quarter 2011. Originally slated for holiday 2010, this would put the game in the same time period of release as Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm, and the now confirmed Need for Speed: Shift 2.

A reason for the delay was given by VP of Corporate Communications Jeff Brown during questioning from IGN:

“We moved the game to a better marketing window in the March quarter… This will also give the Crytek team more time to polish a great title.”

Update: Q1 2011 is EA’s fiscal Q4 2011, so the release will be around January to March 2011. Sorry for the confusion.

Update 2: EA has confirmed the delay at its earnings call.

EA Financial Report