Halo Reach for PC?

Good old Gearbox seems to hint that there could be a PC version of Halo Reach. Who is Gearbox? Well, they basically made the port of the first Halo game on the PC. Here is how the conversation went down with a Gearbox employee that has the alias botman.

Forum member: Does anyone play this? [Halo CE]

GB employee: So what about Halo: Reach PC?

Forum member: Is GBX porting it? You can tell us. Your secret is safe with us!

GB employee: Yes. No. Maybe. What was the question?

This is strictly a rumor at this point since Gearbox dodges the question after further pressed on the matter.

Update: Some individuals are reporting that it will be unlockable content on the 360 for gamers who own the PC version of the first Halo game.

Sources: gearboxsoftware.com, gameinformer.com