Just Cause 2 Demo Dropping In On March 4th

On March 4th there will be a demo on Steam for Just Cause 2.

SquareEnix has announced that there will be a demo coming for Just Cause 2 on March  4th to Steam, PSN, and XBL. The demo is will give players a chance to explore 35 square miles of the game world. The area will have numerous vehicles, weapons, NPCs, missions, and various other things to allow the player to have free reign to explore and experience the different gameplay options in the game.

The demo for the original Just Cause was a good showing of the game. Even though that game was severely flawed the demo didn’t hide those flaws.

Remember, if you are on XP or have a pre-DX10 card you will be unable to play this demo. When the demo comes out I will play it for a bit and write up some impressions of it since I played a lot of the first game.

Source: Kotaku