Gears 3: Clayton Carmine’s Fate

The community this time gets to decide the fate of an unlucky family of brothers. Some of you have heard, some of you have not, and most of you without an Xbox probably don’t care. However, for those that have played the testosterone filled games, the Carmine family of four brothers has been a long running gag. From the first game to its sequel, the brothers have been systematically killed off in different ways. Two of the four Carmine brothers have been slain so far; one from a sniper bullet, the other hit by acid.

This time however, Epic has allowed the community to decide the fate of the third Carmine brother, Clayton:

Badass eh?

A week ago, it was announced this decision would be based on a buy-vote system. At Comic-Con, fans could buy a “Save Carmine” or “Carmine must DIE!” t-shirt to support their view. Each purchase would count as one vote toward whichever decision.

Just recently, the system has been released to Xbox Live marketplace. Each virtual t-shirt you buy for your avatar ($1) will be counted as a vote. The proceeds will go directly to Child’s Play. If you’re not too busy playing an extremely awesome game and want to donate to charity, head on over to Xbox Live to cast your vote.

Oh, and please, think of Mama Carmine will ya?

Major Nelson