AMD Gaming Evolved

It looks like AMD is trying to step up their presence in the PC gaming world by launching a new program.The AMD Gaming Evolved program is AMD’s new promise and commitment to PC gaming. AMD is promising to fully support open source standards like OpenCL and OpenGL and will actively work to support their development. On top of that they promise to push open source standards by making all of their “innovations” (their term, not mine) support all industry standards. Thats cool, but what else? Oh, they’re promising to work with game developers to help them use the best and newest PC technology in their games. This includes working with them on development and financial support.

AMD’s motto for this new platform is “Gamers Come First”. As long as they keep that motto in mind we could be seeing AMD really stepping up to the plate to compete with Nvidia. Nvidia’s The Way Its Meant To Be Played (AMD Gaming Evolved is so much easier to type) has long given them an advantage due to both the technological and financial support Nvidia gives developers who are part of it. I’ve been saying for ages that AMD needs something like TWIMTBP and now it looks like they have it. I hope AMDGE allows better Crossfire support in games as well. It would be nice to see that get a big boost up to the level of scaling SLI provides.

AMD needs to push hard with this program and they need to prove to both us gamers and to the development community that they are serious about this move. So I wish AMD the best of luck in supporting this program and look forward to seeing what they help bring to the table.

Source: AMD