Mark Rein Apologizes For Mark Rein’s Comments

“I was just being a jerk” writes Mr. Rein in an email apology. It seems the bruhaha that started during a developer conference with indie developer Cliff Harris and Mark Rein may be finally coming to an end. In addition to the statement posted by Epic’s Tim Sweeney, Mr. Rein himself has sent a personal apology to Mr. Harris and a copy of the email was obtained by Develop, the organizer of the event:

After spending the whole day on the plane ride home from England yesterday I was greeted with a link to your blog post and boy do I feel like an @$$ now. Since I got home last night I’ve been trying to think of a proper response but I decided just to send you an apology and try to clear up a misunderstanding.

In the email, Mark Rein apologizes for his misconduct and tries to explain his views on the subject matter as well as his overenthusiastic response during the incident.

Full email at the source.