Michael Pachter: Activision Should Charge For Online Play

The game industry’s most well-known analyst weighs in on game sales numbers. In a recent quest to determine the ongoing decline of software sales, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has blamed the situation on online games:

the overall decline was due to a very large number of people playing multiplayer online games for free on PlayStation Network, and for an annual fee with unlimited game play on Xbox Live…. has sucked the available time away from what otherwise would be spent playing newly purchased games.”

To remedy the problem and in full support of earlier comments made by Bobby Kotick, Pachter has suggested that companies like Activision lead the industry by introducing more pay-to-play options for their flagship franchises such as Call of Duty.

Gamers will not like it one bit, but if the experience is as compelling as Modern Warfare 2, then gamers will probably pay.

Sadly, this is probably true.

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