Mark Rein Upsets Indie Developer

Perhaps upset is an understatement. This guy exploded in rage over what Mark Rein did. During a developers conference Mark Rein got on the bad side of Indie developers. Cliff Harris from Positech Games, and some other indie developers were talking about the value of communicating with their own gaming community directly. However, this didn’t exactly appeal to everyone as Epic’s Mark Rein seemingly “snorted” at the mention of such a concept. As you can imagine Harris was not happy. Here is what happened after the presentation:

…there was this derisive snort from this guy in the front row, who said something to the effect of ‘one guy? who cares, that’s a waste of time’ … it turned out this guy was Mark Rein from Epic.

Here is what Cliff Harris said:

He may laugh when me and Mark [Morris] discuss the pitiful money our companies make, and giggle at the fact that we reply to gamers on a one-on-one basis … But fuck him. If Mark [Morris] from introversion suggests I’m doing it wrong, thats cool … But Triple-A studio bosses trying to lecture me on how to communicate better with gamers? Fuck off.

The ironic part? Epic started out as an indie company…