Apple Conference Will Address iPhone 4 Problems

There are several problems that currently affect many iPhone 4 users and now it’s time to get down to business. Will Job’s use the force and make us forget these problems? We’ll soon find out this Friday at 1pm eastern, 10am pacific.

The main problem, that thousands of iPhone 4 consumers are dealing with, is the dreaded Antenna problem. You can easily lose signal just by using your left hand. This is because you are effectively blocking the iPhone’s antenna from acquiring a strong signal. The problem can be remedied by simply placing duct tape over the lower left hand side of the device. Additionally, consumers may also buy an iPhone case, which also fixes the problem.

Even so, consumers shouldn’t have to tape up their device as simple as a fix as it is, considering that no other mobile device has such problems. The problem is so prevalent in the device that Consumer Report will not recommend the phone specifically due to the antenna issue.

An employee at Consumer Reports, Mike Gikas, writes the following in his blog:

Apple needs to come up with a permanent—and free—fix for the antenna problem before we can recommend the iPhone 4.

You can see the iPhone 4’s signal dropout clearly in the following videos:!

For more videos check out this article.

Other issues with the iPhone 4 include a yellowish tinted display and proximity sensing glitches (if you answer a call, the screen touching features may not turn off, and you check can accidentally end the call).