Fermi to be “launched” at PAX East, in stores in April

Nvidia today announced that there will be an announcement of the paper launch of their consumer Fermi GPUs at PAX East on Friday March 26th. This will not be a full retail launch. This is only a paper launch. The review NDA will go up a week later and cards will appear in stores sometime in April.

Early yesterday Nvidia posted on its Twitter page this comment

ARE YOU READY? Check back here on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. PST for a major announcement!

This post lead many people to believe that there would be an announcement of the release date of the Fermi GPUs, either that or more information on them. Instead it turned out to be nothing more then them announcing that they will announce the paper launch of the GTX400 series March 26th at PAX East. They appear to have a big PAX East set up dealing with the new cards. This is great, but reports from all over the web (including places like [H]ardOCP) are now saying that we won’t see the cards in retail until sometime in April. Reviewers won’t even be able to talk about the cards until the week after the paper launch. This puts Nvidia firmly 6 months behind ATI who might be launching refreshes by that time and possibly starting to gear up for the launch of the 6 series.

Sources: Nvidia, Twitter Post 1, Twitter Post 2, HardOCP Other information found in various small blurbs around the web.