Mobile Gaming to Overtake Console gaming?

The mobile market is heating up with even more powerful devices than ever before. However, these devices aren’t on par with consoles such as the Xbox 360 or PS3. The raw power just isn’t there in the mobile space. Technology usually follows Moore’s Law in which technology doubles every two to three years. The CEO of Fishlabs, Michael Schade begs to differ. He believes that in a years time mobile devices will be more powerful than an Xbox 360.

I think you can expect some time next year to have rendering capabilities on mobile devices superior to the Xbox 360, and I believe by the end of the year the ‘iDevices’ could have sold 120m copies, which puts them close to a par with the PS2’s 140m. When we have made it so that someone buys a mobile device to play a game, then the mobile has become a more important platform than consoles.

Those are some mighty bold claims. High end phones are still hovering around the psp area and in some cases even below that. It’s hard to believe that in just one years time things could suddenly pick up and produce such visually demanding applications without compromising the portability of the device. I am going to have to say that this one rushes things a bit. I think in about 2 or 3 years we may see things starting to pass existing consoles, but even when that happens we will probably be looking at the ps4 or the next xbox. Now, there could be a time when mobile devices reign supreme in the gaming arena, but I don’t see that happening in just one years time.