Toy Story 3 Review

Toy Story 3 is the second sequel to Pixar’s first feature length film and it looks like it might be the last in the series. The original Toy Story released in 1996 and was a huge success, making Pixar the top animation studio in the US. Toy Story 3 continues the story of Andy’s Toys as Andy goes off to college and the toys have to adjust to a different life.


Animation: Let’s just get this one out of the way first. Toy Story 3 is beautiful. Pixar has never made a bad looking film and this is no exception. Everything looks amazing and very clear. I did not see the movie in 3D, but I don’t see a way that it would have added much to the film. There are only a few moments where I feel that 3D might have added a little to the experience.

Story: Toy Story 3 feels like it was made for an audience who had seen the first two and who maybe grew up with them. Pixar has always been good at making films both children and adults can enjoy, but this one edges a bit closer towards the adults and older children area. The story is more serious and it has some moments that could scare younger children. There were kids in the audience that were frightened by some moments in the movie.

The Ending: The end of the movie really makes it feel like the end of a great book. I don’t think Pixar can take it any further. I don’t want to give anything away, but I’ll just say the ending is perfect for the story and may not end exactly the way you think it will.

The gags: The Toy Story movies tend to have some of the best Pixar gags in them and Toy Story 3 is no exception. While some of the gags aren’t too funny other moments are just hilarious. They are all placed well and keep the tone of the movie set just right.


I’ve got nothing to write here: I waited a few days to write this in hopes of thinking of something bad to say about the movie, but I really can’t think of anything major that stands out. There is nothing too wrong with the movie. There are a few gags that fall flat and a couple characters I don’t like, but nothing worth spending time talking about.


Toy Story 3 stands out as the second best of the trilogy and easily up there with Pixar’s best films. I’ve enjoyed every film Pixar has put out so far, but Toy Story 3 is one of my favorites. I can’t wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray so I can watch it again. If you’re thinking of seeing it, do so. It’s well worth the ticket price.

Toy Story 3 Review by Derangel