China Banning Racy Online Gaming Ads

Another added regulation in China’s crusade against the “corruption” of their youth. The Chinese Ministry of Culture issued a notice that requests departments to crackdown on websites and online game developers known to use advertisements containing violence and/or suggestive content.

Using female models to advertise online gaming is nothing new in China, but the trend started to gain more momentum with more famed spokespersons such as former Volkswagen model Zhai Ling (pictured above) being hired to represent Monkey Journey to The West, a Chinese MMO. The notice was only initiated after several online gaming companies began to hire certain female models that had ties to the adult film industry:

The eye-catching marketing scheme climaxed on June 17, when a Shanghai-based game developer hired Sola Aoi, a Japanese adult video star. Along with Sister Phoenix and Sister Lotus – two controversial online celebrities who shot to fame by challenging traditional standards of beauty – Sola Aoi was hired to represent the game Warrior OL, which became the subject of heated debate.

While less controversial than China’s failed attempt for a mandatory porn filter, it does have some Chinese online gamers at odds as quoted by 24-year-old Lin Chuan:

“It is unnecessary to ban the porn star advertisements, because the players do not really care who is the spokesperson of the game.”

Perhaps western countries may follow suit and bow to pressure from parental groups? I suppose certain games might provoke their wrath.

China Daily