UPDATED: Dragon Age 2 Revealed

More psychopathic dragon-slaying genocide to quench the most blood thirsty killer. Hot off the heels of the exclusive reveal by GameInformer, the official website has gone live. Some new notable features that will be present in the game include:

  • Updated graphics engine
  • Decade-long timeline
  • Rags to riches type character development
  • New dynamic battle system that allows flexibility regardless of class
  • This is starting to sound a bit like Fable isn’t it?

The launch trailer will debut in mid August.

An EA press release has confirmed a March 2011 release date. Further details also state that the main character will be solidified with the last name of “Hawke” and can be either gender.

In otherwords, it’s like a medieval Mass Effect. Not exactly a bad thing though.

Dragon Age 2 Official Website
EA Press Release