Basic PC Network Knowledge Evades Spies

Perhaps some extra computer classes would have helped these spies avoid trouble.

As some of you may know from recent news coverage, the US arrested eleven spies that have been dubbed as “sleeper agents” operating inside the country. If you’ve payed even more attention to the news, then you’ll also know that they were barking incompetent.

One example is the way they used to communicate:

In at least a couple of cases, the FBI states, a Russian official and one of the accused covert agents used ad hoc Wi-Fi to communicate over short ranges….they were using WEP encryption, which the FBI broke, and lacked a layer of encryption on top of that.

Perhaps forgetting ad-hoc connections send signals everywhere or the fact that WEP can be broken in less than a minute.

Another example of how they are not making spies like they used to is one Anna Chapman. After multiple communications with her colleagues she apparently started having trouble using her laptop’s Wi-Fi connection. In an act of pure confidence (or raving lunacy) she then gave her computer to another fellow spy to fix… who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

Said agent most likely then gave the laptop to a techie that not only knew how to fix the Wi-Fi problem, but also knew how to download every single file stored on the hard drive.

C’mon guys, this ain’t special ed. school. Take a proper class first. Or spend $2000 and well over a week upgrading the computer to get it to work first.

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