Top dogs plan to kill off HDMI

LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens Semiconductor conspire to kill off the HDMI port. Their new plan is to move to a new stand called HDbaseT. The new port uses the standard RJ-45 connection and the new tech also uses existing Cat 5e/6 LAN cables to make the connections. So, this new port may not break the budget in terms of cable expenses. The only loser out of this is Monster Cable, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to do what they do best. Additionally, HDbaseT can support up to a 328 ft. cable and can send both HD and 3D signals all through existing network cables.

Here’s a chart for a quick comparison:

HDbaseT can scale up to Displayport speeds while being able to be significantly longer than what Displayport can handle (100 meter or 328 ft.). Get ready, because it comes out this year.

Source: HDbaseT