Intel Cancels Project Offset

Project Offset, which was intel’s benchmark for their high end GPU, Larabee, is canceled. Team members have either left to form their own game studio, Fractiv or they have been moved to other Intel projects.

We have been told by the Intel PR rep that the founders of Offset Software have launched Fractiv LLC, a new game development studio. A quick WHOIS check of (which aside from an email address has little on it) does show that the domain is owned by Sam McGrath, one of the founders of Offset Software.

It is unclear if Fractiv still has the rights to Project Offset. In addition, Sam McGrath confirmed to that this report is accurate.

Sam McGrath has responded back to our inquires confirming the news we reported below and said he would respond to more of our questions about Offset Software’s shutdown and Fractiv “in the near future”