Metro 2034 Confirmed

THQ’s Danny Bilson confirms that Metro 2034 is on its way in 3D. The first game is already in 3D and the push continues with the sequel. Let’s take a look at Danny Bilson’s conversation with CVG.

We’re showing Metro 2033 in 3D right now, which Nvidia is showing as one of their key demo products. We’re going to be doing a 3D version of that on Metro 2034 – the sequel. And there will be some engineering costs there, but that’s in our lowest cost centre in the world. Those games are unbelievably reasonable, they’re built in Kiev.

Some people were confused about why we’d go into a market where there’s only one percent TVs. It’s about a great game and a plus up on the marketing side. We’re there at low risk and high quality, but, again, we’ll have to see how that market grows and what value is there.

In addition to the confirmation of the sequel, there is also mention of some DLC, which contains some new weapons and modes, headed our way soon.