BFBC2 PC Patch For Wednesday, June 30th

A new patch from EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be live tomorrow. The new patch comes in at around 500MB in size and will feature an assortment of fixes and tweaks. To deal with the patch, all PC servers will be down for updating:

The maintenance period starts on Wednesday Jun 30th at 07:00AM (GMT+2). Most of them should be back up by 11:00AM (GMT+2).

Some notable updates include:

Server – Banlist can contain up to 10.000 entries
Gameplay – Countermeasures can be fired when driving a helicopter
Gameplay – Tracer dart gun speed has been changed from 300 m/s to 200 m/s
Gameplay – Knifing people in the back works again (we backed out the change that we had done for Server R11)
Gameplay – Advanced Spotting scope works better

The Balance tweaks are as followed:

Slightly increased the damage of the UZI at long range.
The AKs74u now has more felt recoil when aiming.
The G3, VSS, and all SemiAutomatic rifles now settle slightly faster between shots when aiming.
The PKM, Type 88LMG, G3, An94, and 40mm shotgun have returned to their former glory.
Increased the damage of the MG3 to bring it in line with the rest of the LMGs.
Fixed a bug where the Saiga12 with slugs would do too much damage at long range.
Fixed a bug where the SVU would do too little damage at long range.
Fixed a bug where M95 rounds would not kill armored targets with headshots.

Full list can be seen at the Battlefield Blog