Super Street Fighter IV PC Port in Question

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono let’s us in on a little secret regarding the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV. Unfortunately, it’s not a pleasant secret. According to Ono, the PC version has been heavily pirated, and the port is in question. When further pressed on the matter he stated that they simply needed more time to tell if there will be a PC port of the game. His English isn’t the best, but he gets the point across.

Please tell us if Super Street Fighter 4 is coming to the PC.

Ono: The PC version has some problems. In [Street Fighter 4], a large amount of illegal copy appeared on the market all over the world. Please Wait…

Fans who bought the PC version of Street Fighter 4 are waiting for SSF4, will it happen? If so, when?

Ono: We are solving various problems now. Time is necessary for this.

Capcom has been treating most of us (PC gamers) pretty well. Yet, there are still some individuals who want to abuse the system. You can find that piracy exists for any game and even on other platforms. However, Ono suggests that the piracy rate for Street Fighter IV on the PC is pretty significant.

I don’t really see any reason why this game needed to be pirated. The port was decent and they provided us with a benchmark. So, if you wanted to know how the game would run you don’t need to pirate it to test it out. According to SFIV ranked number 5 in the top most pirated games on What is done is done, and it’s anyone’s guess to see if Capcom will pull through for PC gamers once again.