Windows 8 Info Leaked

The next big OS version from Microsoft boasts some pretty cool features. A leaked blog post from Francisco Martin, a Microsoft Enthusiast, provided some pretty interesting details. However, they were taken down soon after. Fortunately, the folks over at snagged a few bits of information before the blog post was removed.

Microsoft’s next major step sets their eyes on instant-on devices. So, as soon as you turn your computer on it will load the Operating System almost instantly. Take a look at an excerpt of Francisco Martin’s blog post:

Windows 8 PC’s turn on fast, nearly instantly in some cases, and are ready to work without any long or unexpected delays. When customers want to check e-mail, sports scores, or play media they love to reach for their PCs because they can get to what they want quickly.

In addition, MS plans to use sensors in order to adjust your screen brightness. This aims at making the display adjust dynamically depending on the environment. MS also plans to implement some Kinect (previously known as Natal) features. Let’s take a look at another excerpt:

Windows 8 can adapt to changes in ambient light, so that the display is always easy to see… Windows 8 could detect my presence and log me automatically

Finally, they also talk about new hard drive encryption methods and no the logo used (first image) in this post was some random photoshopped image, so it’s no their new slogan or anything like that.