ATI HD 5830 specs

This new monster will sport 1280 steam processors, which smacks it’s self right in between the hd5850 and the hd5770.

We’ve already been saying more or less that you can expect a Radeon HD 5830 card soon. The card is supposed positioned in the 200~230 USD range making it widespread available and affordable for a lot of people. Personally I look forward to this product very much.

The Radeon HD 5830 performance should be inbetween the 5850 and the 5770, and as it seems it’s base off the Cypress LE core. The card reportedly will come with 1280 shaders processors and a core speed of 750MHz for the GPU. Featured with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, clocked at 1000MHz, the difference between the 5830 and the 5850 shouldn’t be that significant, in terms of performance. When you put the two side by side, the 5850 is featured with 1440 shaders and 72 texture units, while the GPU is set at 725MHz.

It is very likely that the PCB and cooler will be similar to the HD 5850 model.