Greetings Everyone!

Or, hello again! I should say.

Considering it’s been well over a year (technically 2 years, since there’s a 1 year difference between the last two news posts) since the last news post here at PS, I’m not sure what else I can start with. A lot has changed. Let me think of the things since the absence:

Intel has completely lost the momentum with their tick-tock release cycle owing to bad yields in their push for lower fab processes. AMD of course, still hasn’t caught up.
Nvidia’s Pascal is now out in the wild, while AMD’s Polaris is once again hitting the low-end market.
VR seems to be taking off, although I still get headaches if I try.
4k gaming is on the rise, but if you want good framerates, good luck.

We also had some great games release, such as Divinity, Pillars of Eternity (yes, I’m a Baldur’s Gate fan), The Witcher III, that new Tomb Raider, The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4, some version of Call of Duty, and of course, loads of terrible PC ports. Despite the current console generation using x86, they still managed to screw things up for PC. 😉

There were some casualties too:

GameTrailers (the forum most of us originated from) is now dead.
Joystiq is now dead.
and Satoru Iwata is dead. T_T RIP.

Our forums are currently infested with spam bots (I banned a few mind you, but it’s a drop in the ocean) and spam topics that look legitimate are still around, but I suppose this comes with the usual dusting off the old machine. That’s right, I’m dusting.

So how is everyone doing? What new hobbies have popped up for you all (photography is one I name) since 2015? What have you SMASHED? Do you even remember your account ID and pass to login and comment?
(considering how long we’ve been dormant, I’m just counting the months until someone sees this)