Sims 4 new update!


Sims 4 just released a brand new update and it is awesome! It’s been almost 2 months since the release of Sims 4. So that means it took them only 2 months to add pools!! — For Free!! I know, I am just as surprised as you are. I just received an email about it. I figured they would have added it in the ‘Beach and Pool xpac’ or something. I just took a survey about 2 weeks ago asking about my experience with the game and that was one of the things I mentioned, a lack of pools and toddlers in the base game. Here is to wishful thinking that toddlers are coming soon too! Now I can take a virtual break by the pool after enacting my constitutional right of voting. Its freezing outside and boy, will this feel good. It’s time  for me  to live vicariously through my Sims again!

Here is the trailer that they just released:

I hope this isn't the pools they are talking about!

I hope this isn’t the pool they had in mind!

— cX