Intel and Samsung to Halve 4K Monitor Prices


Fellow PC enthusiasts love to play games at the highest resolution and settings possible and now Intel and Samsung plan to work together to reduce prices of 4k monitors. PC hardware can be expensive enough especially to run the latest games at 4K resolution. However, the monitors themselves can cost over $800 USD and as a result Intel and Samsung want try to bring prices down to around $400 to expand adaption of higher resolution displays.

Of course as a gaming site we want to jump for joy in thinking that their motives are for gamers. However, this is a push to capture the AIO (All in one) and HTPC market with 24inch screens that have high pixel density.

Intel Samsung 4k slide

Hopefully, this push for lower prices wont take too long as this could also drive prices down for monitors with lower resolutions such as 2560×1440.